6533 Wilcrest Dr. Ste. 104, Houston, TX 77072
FROM: Chopstix Houston
March 26, 2012
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I would say I'm somewhat of a veteran of Wild Cajun, or at least I used to be. I have been coming around recently, so this place is once again fresh on my mind.

Of all the Vietnamese-style crawfish restaurants, this one feels the least cajunish to me. This isn't necessarily a bad thing...after all, if I wanted actual cajun, I would go to a more cajun restaurant. We all know these Asian cajun restaurants deliver a different kind of style. Now Asian sauces on crawfish is not my thing, there's a weird buttery/oily taste about it that makes it too sweet and really overboard with their garlic instead of the spicy/sour kind I like. So, to me, it's something I've never really liked about Wild Cajun. The other problem I have a little bit is the size of their crawfish. Now, I'm no size queen, and I eat crawfish for fun (who goes to these things to get full, really?), but their small size is visibly noticable and I feel like for the price we pay it's a bit of a jip. Also don't like their "wild style" gimmick that tastes exactly the same only with onions. It's kinda like going to a burger joint and adding cheese to a hamburger...the extra charge is a bit too much.

The reason I do like coming here is because of the environment. I only go out to these crawfish things for friends anyway, so the restaurant crowd and atmosphere is important to me. Probably more important then the food itself. The usual regulars that come here are a more tame and friendlier group of people than, say, Crawfish and Noodles or The Boiled Crab. There are a lot of regulars, and Wild Cajun has its fair share of loyalists. The service gets good especially if they know you. I think their servers are some of the most friendlist I've ever seen, and they do go out of their way to be friends with you. They're also very attentive and clean your table up constantly, which is a big deal because most places don't do that. A lot of their staff are Asian-American. I don't know if that makes a difference, but it seems like it does with their service. I notice a lot of F.O.B. staffers in restaurants tend to be bitter and distant. More places should hire homegrown Asian-American (or any other American) college students.

Location is a bit off and during nights, it's a pretty isolated and dark neighborhood because it's deep in Wilcrest from Bellaire. Parking is small, but we've never had trouble finding spaces. Price is decent, not expensive but the small size of the portions/crawfish/etc. can make it seem expensive because you have to increase the orders. It's a good choice if you're in with a group and you want to do a group thing and have fun. That's why ultimately, I'm going to give it a good rating despite my lack of impressiveness with their overall crawfish. It's also a good sports bar. They have decent wings for that sort of thing. We went here last year for the Dallas/Miami NBA finals, and it really fit a good place to be. So, like I said, great place, come here often enough and you'll recognize other regulars so there's a "Cheers" thing going on with Wild Cajun which I haven't seen from their other competitors.

And that's all I got to say!~

FROM: Chopstix Houston
March 26, 2012
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Wild Cajun is my first choice for crawfish in Houston. The space is really large, good crowd, and fairly inexpensive comparing to the rest for that kind of combination. I've never once had a bad experience here. The girls who work here are also HOT!!! Excellent eye-candy! This matters when you're with a bunch of guys, lol. Really like their crawfish, it's super garlicy, and the flavor is much more dramatic than in other place (this is a good thing!). It's kind of a love it or hate it kind of sauces...I happen to love them, but I know a couple of friends who may think it's too different for them. But I defend Wild Cajun because they have to do something different to stand out and have their own identity, right? This goes to both their Wild Cajun flavor and Garlic Butter flavor.

Menu is pretty well-rounded, there's somehow even sushi and cheesecake. Loved their crabs as much as their crawfish. Delicious turkey necks, if you've never had them before, they're not gross. Hey, it's just meat! A+ on the boiled shrimp, very delicious and tasty. A+ on the king crabs...something underrated in Wild Cajun.A+ On their fried rice, who would have though vietnamese and cajun went so well together? A+, of course, on their crawfish and their unique sauce. The special sauce really makes it work, try it "Wild Cajun" style (extra onions really makes the difference)! You'll never eat crawfish without garlic again. Oh, and A++++++ on their lemon chicken wings. Wings are important when you're watching sports in their big screens with a friend!

Pick Wild Cajun over the Boiled Crab. They're often compared, but it's like comparing a Lexus to a Kia. The Boiled Crab is overrated, overhyped, expensive and filled with out-of-town losers. Wild Cajun is where true locals who understand what crawfish is would go! Even the interior looks better, great outdoor optional patio, flat screen televisions everywhere, good local people who are knowledgable about the crawfish scene, not pretentious at all with their staff. It's quite a rocking place when the restaurant is in full capacity and there's an NFL game playing. Oh, and the food also comes out super quickly, they're professionals at handling out and taking care of LARGE crowds, something I can't say for any other Asian crawfish place and that's even The Boiled Crab. Wild Cajun rocks! Take your out-of-town friends there and impress them!

FROM: Yelp
March 19, 2012
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Crawfish shrimp oysters fries fried rice and sushi!!! What come again?! Everything here???

Awesome... Awesome... Awesome..... :))

Well the restaurant and parking lot was packed so expecting it would be good because it was a Monday night.... No wait we got seated right away... Server and waitress was fast and very friendly... They came to work to make some money! So star for them!!! :)

The food was good but it could have been better... As a Californian I know I can't Judge the southern crawfish but this is my homes opinion about it... Thought the crawfish would've been bigger since its in season but it wasn't but that didn't hurt the taste. Ordered the house special flavor Omgee what can I say it was banging!!!! It didn't have the same taste as boiling crab but it was fulfilled with garlic spice and butter... It was different It was good... I finished 3 pounds by myself! Hahha

Fries- perfectly fried! The sweet potatoes was yummy...

Lemon pepper chicken- perfectly seasoned and salted came out with celery and ranch.

Grilled oysters topped with garlic, pepper and butter... Fantastic!

They had fried rice and sushi here too but didn't get a chance to try it... Maybe next time...

Price was awesome... 113 for 9 pounds of crawfish, 2 orders of wings, 2 orders of fries, oysters and 2 orders of fried rice to go, and 4 sodas! Cheap cheap!!!!

4 star.. Good enough... When in town I'll like to come back! :)

FROM: Houston Press
December 1, 2011
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One of the most recent Viet-Cajun joints to crop up in southwest Houston, Wild Cajun is currently our favorite (and not just because it also serves sushi and amazing chargrilled oysters). There are only two flavors of boil here: garlic butter and the signature Wild Cajun. You can guess which one is the spicier of the two. The garlic butter, however, isn't overly garlicky and instead subtly enhances the sweet meat of the crawfish tails. The Wild Cajun will set your lips, cuticles and tongue aflame, but it's worth every fiery bite. Just don't seek solace in the potatoes that accompany the crawfish; they're even hotter.

FROM: Yelp
June 16, 2011
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Came here the other day with a couple friends and we loveddd it! The crawfish is the bestttt. The waiter suggested that we try the Wild Cajun flavor crawfish that has onions in it. We didnt know whether to get the garlic butter or the wild cajun so we got 5lbs. of both. Both were so good. The garlic butter sauce isnt like boiling crabs where its all greasy and buttery. It was the perfect amount of garlic. But im definitely coming back for the wild cajun. Ive never had crawfish with onions so I was scared but I was very very pleased. As for the crawfish itself, they were cooked perfect. they slid out of the shell very easily meaning they werent over cooked. Tasted very fresh and not frozen.

As for the other food, their fried rice is the besttttt! I got the Wild Cajun fried rice that had crawfish, shrimp, and sausage. Very flavorful. Wings are also really good. We ordered 6 of the lemon pepper and 6 of the spicy garlic. Also very flavorful, not greasy at all.

I loved the atmosphere of the place. People say its like boiling crab but its nothing like boiling crab. Much much much cleaner and nice looking. Walls are beautifully painted, tables and booths are clean, patio area to sit outside, ALOT of big flat screen tvs, and super spacious. Not all cramped like boiling crab. not to mention we came their on a saturday night. With a full house, seating area was still very spacious. Enough room between the tables so we didnt feel cramped at all. We usually have that problem when we eat at boiling crab.

Lastly, I was very pleased with the service. the waiter came to check up on us a fair amount of times. Always kept our waters refilled which was nice. She even made a little conversation with us.

Overall Im definitely coming back to this place! This is probably my new favorite crawfish joint in this area! Boiling Crab is overrated. People should definitely try this place out.

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